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About Us

About Us

We believe that we can save more lives with you.

The Hridaymitra Foundation, established with a vision to promote heart health and well-being, emerges as a beacon of hope and support for individuals seeking to lead heart-healthy lives.

Our mission is to educate individuals about heart health, raise awareness about cardiovascular diseases, and provide the necessary resources and guidance to help people make informed choices.

Hridaymitra Foundation offers a range of services and initiatives :

  1. Educational Programs
  2. Community Outreach
  3. Research
  4. Support For Individuals And Families
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Latest Events

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Sinhgad Fort BP Camp 2024

Taljai Hill Camp 2024

Katraj Lake BP Camp 2024

CPR Training Program 2024

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Educational Programs
Other Programs

Offers A Range Of
Services And Initiatives

Educational Programs

Informative initiatives fostering heart health awareness, empowering individuals through knowledge, workshops, and seminars.

Community Outreach

Engaging communities, spreading awareness, and supporting heart health through outreach initiatives and collaborations.


Driving heart health forward through innovative research for groundbreaking insights and transformative discoveries.

Support Individuals, Families

Providing guidance, care, and resources to empower individuals and families affected by heart-related challenges.

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Empowering Hearts, Enriching Lives: Your Heart, Your Power, Your Life.

Pulse of Empowerment: Advocating for Heart Health

At the Hridaymitra Foundation, our mission is to transform lives by prioritizing heart health through education, prevention, and compassionate support. We are committed to ,

  1. Raising Awareness
  2. Education and Empowerment
  3. Prevention
  4. Community Support
  5. Research and Innovation
  6. Advocacy
  7. Collaboration
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Love Heart, Live Life

Love Heart, Live Life" embodies embracing heart health with compassion, living fully, cherishing wellness, and fostering a vibrant life, emphasizing the profound connection between a healthy heart and enriched living.

  1. Embracing Heart Health
  2. Living Fully
  3. Cherishing Wellness
  4. Fostering a Vibrant Life
  5. Highlighting the Heart-Life Connection


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